Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

An Update!

Because, uh, I really should've made one like six days ago, right?

ANYways, I heard from family late into Monday that dad was still in the hospital, waking up after the procedure, and they were going to let him rest up and recover until around 4, 5 o'clock before letting him go. Since that was late, and it takes a good 3 hours to get from there to here, my brother decided to wait and bring him home the following day. Sure, fine, vague, but he's awake and okay.

On an amusing note, my sister-in-law was a bit worried about dad, thinking he was drugged up, because he kept saying that there was going to be SO much laundry when he got home. "...No. Nope, that's dad. He's fine, and normal. Trust me. I'd be worried if he *didn't* mention the week of laundry I was piling up."

(I wasn't about to do laundry because there's something wrong with the machine, so didn't want to mess stuff up and have a disaster. Plot twist: I did laundry anyways, and it *was* almost a disaster.)

ANYways, finally found out the next day that they poked at dad's heart, that was mildly damaged, but nothing to worry about, he was fine in that department, and he's good to drive as much and as far as he wants! So that is *great* news.

The bad news is, they still don't know what's wrong with him, aside from gee, he's having problems breathing, maybe we should look at his lungs, like his family keeps saying to do? So that's next, for later this month. My sister is super pissed that they didn't start with the lungs, but things are a bit more complicated than she assumes. He's had breathing issues for awhile, and they were under control, and then he had ANOTHER thing happen, which had them start poking at THAT, and wanting to see what is wrong *there*. It wasn't a general "Something is wrong with me!" it was a "I have this specific problem, what's wrong??" and they started looking at THAT, not specifically anything lung or breathing related, hence why they're late in coming around to an actual problem which may or may not be related to everything else. I understand where the doctors are coming from with this. If someone says they have X problem, they look at that and causes, and might ignore something else the patient doesn't think is an issue, or related.

And as for me, well...this is a weight off my shoulders and my own panicky worries, except...well, it really does, as I said, kick the problem down the road a bit. My dad's almost 80, and no matter what they fix now, eventually, sooner rather than later (But hopefully further down the road than closer), everything *is* gonna crash. But I have breathing room and can procrastinate figure things out eventually.

My internal screams have gone from AAAAAAAAAA to aaaaaaaaa, basically...

But for now, I'm gonna yay and focus on the good, and hope they can do something about the breathing for the forseeable future, and we'll cross the next burning bridge as it comes.


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