Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Comics Next Week

Ant-Man Last Days #1 Cover A Regular Mark Brooks Cover (Secret Wars Last Days Tie-In)
Batgirl Vol 4 #43
Captain Marvel And The Carol Corps #3 Cover A Regular David Lopez Cover (Secret Wars Warzones Tie-In)
Civil War Vol 2 #3 Cover A Regular Leinil Francis Yu Cover (Secret Wars Warzones Tie-In)
Deadpools Secret Secret Wars #4 Cover A Regular Tony Harris Cover (Secret Wars Warzones Tie-In)
Doctor Who Event 2015 Four Doctors #3 Cover A Regular Neil Edwards Interlinking Doctor Cover
E Is For Extinction #3 Cover A Regular Ian Bertram Cover (Secret Wars Warzones Tie-In)
Marvel Zombies Vol 6 #3 Cover A Regular Ken Lashley Cover (Secret Wars Battleworld Tie-In)
Old Man Logan #4 Cover B Variant Manga Cover (Secret Wars Warzones Tie-In)
Puppet Master #5 Cover C Variant Torch Color Cover
S.H.I.E.L.D. Vol 4 #9 Cover A Regular Julian Totino Tedesco Cover
Spider-Woman Vol 5 #10 (Secret Wars Last Days Tie-In)
X-Men 92 #3 Cover A Regular Pepe Larraz Cover (Secret Wars Warzones Tie-In)

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