Jason Grey (foenix) wrote,
Jason Grey

Comics Next Week

1602 Witch Hunter Angela #1 Cover A Regular Stephanie Hans Cover (Secret Wars Warzones Tie-In)
Captain America And The Mighty Avengers #9 Cover A Regular Luke Ross Cover (Secret Wars Last Days Tie-In)
Captain Marvel And The Carol Corps #1 Cover A Regular David Lopez Cover (Secret Wars Warzones Tie-In)
Earth 2 Society #1 Cover A Regular Jorge Jimenez Cover
Ghost Racers #1 Cover A Regular Francesco Francavilla Cover (Secret Wars Battleworld Tie-In)
Inferno #2 Cover A Regular Javier Garron Cover (Secret Wars Warzones Tie-In)
Inhumans Attilan Rising #2 Cover A Regular Dave Johnson Cover (Secret Wars Battleworld Tie-In)
Marvel Zombies Vol 6 #1 Cover A Regular Ken Lashley Cover (Secret Wars Battleworld Tie-In)
Mrs Deadpool And The Howling Commandos #1 Cover A Regular Reilly Brown Cover (Secret Wars Warzones Tie-In)
Secret Wars 2099 #2 Cover A Regular Dave Rapoza Cover (Secret Wars Warzones Tie-In)
Secret Wars Journal #2 (Secret Wars Battleworld Tie-In)
Silk #5
Spider-Gwen #5
Spider-Verse Vol 2 #2 Cover A Regular Nick Bradshaw Cover (Secret Wars Warzones Tie-In)
Ultimate End #2 Cover A Regular Mark Bagley Cover (Secret Wars Battleworld Tie-In)
Weirdworld #1 Cover A Regular Michael Del Mundo Cover (Secret Wars Warzones Tie-In)

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