Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Hauling Oates

I think this repeated line I've been using in spamming this movie's review to Trisk says it all.

If you told me a week ago that I'd be sitting her gushing over a Syfy Channel movie, I would laugh in your face. But here we are with my review of Dark Haul, and how much I absolutley loved it.

A movie about twin children, one demonic, one slightly less demonic, being transported and having that go horribly wrong, and all with a backdrop of a prophecy involving the fate of humanity...should probably NOT work. But they found a way, I was thoroughly engaged at the plot and how it would turn out.

It's got plot holes large enough to drive their 18 wheeler through, and some really bad cinematic failures, but the acting and levels and depth somehow make it still work and be engaging. I never would've expected to love this movie based on the poster, but the trailer drew me in, and I stayed, and I want more.


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