Jason Grey (foenix) wrote,
Jason Grey


I've been talking about The Scribbler for a good few months now. But thanks to a hectic holiday season, and me being forgetful, I totally spaced on actually writing a review of it.

I've talked about this movie so much, I just kinda *assumed* I already wrote it! Oooops.

But I finally sat down at Trisk and banged out quite a few words. So here's my review of The Scribbler.

It's about a young woman who's got so many personalities in her head, she doesn't really even know who she really is, but she's slowly getting better thanks to a new treatment, and in the process of being transitioned into the real world via a halfway house for other patients in similar situations. When people start dying, things get complicated.

Oh, and it's also a superhero origin story.

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