Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Procrastinating While Not

The continuing adventures of "I need to post more smaller reviews to Trisk"... Note to self, also look at the watched movie list to see just what those should BE for the next couple of ones.

But while I'm avoiding that, I have swung back around to another annoying project I take a stab at every few months; trying to move Trisk to SquareSpace's latest platform.

I like their current stuff, but there's just this added polish to SquareSpace 6 and 7 that I really like.

The problem is, things aren't QUITE the same, and I can't QUITE get things the way I want them to be. I really like the format and style of my reviews, and having that one or two tiny little things that don't work, and make things look off, REALLY bug the heck out of me.

They've come a long way since they start v6, thankfully. Plus, I've gotten used to the interface, which has been further tweaked with v7, that I could *almost* make the move. But I still wanna hammer away to try and get things just right before I take that dive.

My attempts today got me to get things SO SO close, that it's arguably more frustrating that I can't get that last 1% tweaked to my satisfaction It's like having something you want right in front of you, but your fingers are like a centimeter too short. But maybe maaaaybe if I shift juuuust a little...more...then...!!


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