Jason Grey (foenix) wrote,
Jason Grey

Comics Next Week

Damn. I actually *wanted* to order next week's books, even though I'm still wading through the backlog (finished the nine weeks' worth of books finally, wooo!) but dangit, it's a small week! Still, I'll be able to put this together with the Death of Wolverine finale for a solid order of likely sell-outs.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #7 Cover A Regular Giuseppe Camuncoli Cover (Edge Of Spider-Verse Tie-In)
Astro City Vol 3 #16
Avengers & X-Men AXIS #1 Cover A Regular Jim Cheung Cover
Avengers Vol 5 #36 Cover A Regular Stuart Immonen Cover (Time Runs Out Tie-In)
Batman Eternal #27
Captain Marvel Vol 7 #8
Earth 2 Worlds End #1 Cover A Regular Ardian Syaf Cover
New 52 Futures End #23
Nightcrawler Vol 4 #7 (Death Of Wolverine Tie-In)
X-Force Vol 4 #10

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