Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


Today was a looong day. I am so drained, mostly physically at least.

Not a good day for mom, she was on the bad side of fuzziness, but dad had promised her a trip to go food shopping (Where she'd sit in the car, but at least she'd get out of the house) and probably shouldn't have gone, but anyways...

We had a visiting nurse scheduled to arrive today, and I'd been waiting for that, since this was a rough weekend, and the new plan to have dad or I making sure she takes her pills and insulin was NOT working out, and may have made her LESS likely to take it, just to be belligerent and contrarian, and not wanting to be told what to do. So she'd either forget to take stuff on her own because she's getting fuzzy, or when that didn't work and we had to make sure, she'd just say NO and get argumentative. Neither is really any good.

But I digress! I wanted to be around when the nurse was, because I have a good memory (And writing all this stuff down helps too), as well as having a better idea of the right words to say, and less frustrated than dad is right now at everything. Plus, I'm up all night so see THAT side of things as she's wandering all around the house moving to a different chair every 20 minutes, all night long.

But since they went out, they asked the nurse to come later, which meant I was up WAY later than I wanted, and right now I am SO drained. @.@

This all ended up in the nurse seeing things were wrong, she was more confused, and this is someone who's only met my mom like three times now, and could see a major difference. Her blood sugar was also VERY VERY high, so she's back in the emergency room again, after just being there on Sunday.

At least, the nurse wanted dad to stress that she is much more confused today, to try and make sure they look into and observe her cognition, because they're better suited for that sort of thing.

*slumps in his chair*


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