Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Secret Projects

Or, not so secret, really, since I'm posting it to my LJ.

Then again, if I want something to go unnoticed, this is the place... ;D

Anyone with half a braincell knows I have much nostalgia for late-night movie marathon type programming a la Joe Bob Briggs and Elvira and Svengoolie and the like. (Also the half hour hour anthologies like Crypt and Darkside and Monsters and and etc... but that's another discussion). Hence Trisk, and such.

I've long kept inside my brain a desire to revive something like that, and I'm wanting to use my Cthulhu puppet as a host, bringing to the internet some old (And not so old!) public domain films. Because laws and money and whatnot. This has been percolating for awhile, but as I get closer to getting a new camera and the ability to actually make video grows nearer, it's cropped back up again.

It was originally just gonna be Cthulhu hosting around these movies in 10-15 minute chunks, and sticking to that old-school format and not going INTO the movie, a la MST3K, and I'm sticking by that. The funny thing is, as I started writing these ideas down, and just what they are, I was surprised to find out just how *perfect* Cthulhu hosting these movies turns out to be, and seeing that these ideas actually *work* together, have definitely made me consider this with a little more seriousness.

I doubt anyone will want to *watch* these things, but eh, I'll take a stab at it, maybe. ;) Still further down the road, early next year, but I wanted to talk about something in a post, and this seemed like a good option.


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