Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Multiple Erghs

The yearly settling in of high heat for a few days has come and grabbed us hard. It'll break soon, but right now it suuucks.

I managed last night to actually not grab a nap, caught up on some stuff, but regretted not sleeping through some of the heat, and was exhausted all day until I finally crashed.

And the biggie, so, my mom was diagnosed with with lung cancer three weeks ago.

I think. Yeah, I know. She hasn't been giving straight and/or consistent answers to ANYONE for weeks, and it's driving everyone up the wall.

One of those everyones is my sister, who has had it, wants to talk to mom's doctor(s) because she knows they're not getting all the information, and she wants to know what the heck is going on herself.

So she's coming up to Vermont tomorrow to go with parents to an appointment. Now, under the BEST of circumstances, these two are like snake and mongoose, and tomorrow will not be the best of circumstances. I predict much yelling and arguing before there is even an appointment.

Now, the upside of this is, naturally, all this crap being out in the open. But I am NOT looking forward to the nightmare tomorrow morning will surely bring.


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