Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey


I've been sitting here with the utter nightmare it was on Tuesday to just try and get a simple haircut appointment, but it's just so long and frustrating.

My mom checked her appointment book, found some appointments we weren't sure about, and ALL she had to do was make a phone call or two, find out what they were, and move one.

But just like with the chequebook a few weeks back, she kept getting stuck in a loop where she would look and see the 6th, check some paperwork that says to wait for a call from the hospital to set up appointments within the week, and if she doesn't hear from them to call.

They DID call, they're in the book, but because she reads "We will call within the week" she thinks that's a week from now or SOMEthing and thinks she has to call them because she hasn't heard, but she did and they're written down and argh...

So I get her off that, she sees the sixth, goes to the paperwork again, "Oh, I'm waiting to hear about these appointments, I need to call..."

Wash, rinse, repeat, ALL DAY LONG. She made a second attempt to sort this out at 3pm, and I decided to stay up because I knew the loop would kick in, my dad would get frustrated because we've been telling her for a week now those appointments are made, and the yelling would keep me up. And if I stayed up, I could listen and hear what she was asking, and if need be, step in and keep her focused and GET THIS OVER WITH.

It finally took me sitting down and saying, "You have an appointment on the 6th. DO NOT LOOK AT THAT PAPER. You have one on the 17th. You need to call and get that and the 6th cancelled or moved...why are you looking back to the 6th? Yes, you have an appointment there. And the...DON'T LOOK AT THAT PAPER OVER THERE!!

Finally FINALLY got her on the phone, ONLY asked about those two dates, the 6th was already cancelled and moved, got the 17th fixed, and at LAST got my haircut appointment in.

And finally got to sleep at 4:30 PM. Yeah, Tuesday was FUN.

...I didn't mean to type all this up, it was just going to be "Argh annoying repetitive loops with mom!" but oops, the details fell out.


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