Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Agents of SPOILERS

Yeah, I'm gonna cut this discussion, juuust in case.

YAY Hydra!

...I mean, hail.

Seriously, Hydra is what this show has needed since EPISODE ONE.

Instead of just a weekly adventure show with a 'monster of the week' format along the lines of, "Whoa, some dude froze to death!  That's weird!" or "Dude, check out the guy floating in the air there!  That's SUPER weird!!"

Now, the show has given SHIELD its opposite number, at long last, and I think, I hope, the show will be better for it.  They really needed something like this.  SHIELD should be all about espionage and spycraft, like an Alias for the MCU (Er, ABC's Alias, not Marvel's...) and instead it's been the X-Files.

Which is okay, but I don't think it's the way the show shoulda gone.


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