Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Pressing My Luck

So, I've wanted to get an Aerobie Aeropress coffee maker for a few years now.  I first heard about it on a tech/gadget show, and ever since, every single person I know who's mentioned it has said it makes one of the best cups of coffee they've ever had.

I was THIS close to getting it last year, but the day - THE LITERAL DAY OF - I was going to do it, my parents brought home a new regular, everyday coffee maker.  I figured I'd opt out, since that would be a pain for them to have just bought one and nope!  Now we have this!

This year, I said screw it.  I want it, I want good coffe, and this is gonna be our Christmas present this year.

It came today, I immediately made a cup with it, the fact that it was three in the afternoon and I wanted to sleep be damned.

And yeah.

The coffee was pretty damned good.

Keeping in mind this is some pre-ground, crap Folgers cup o' joe coffee.  The grind is too thick probably, and preground coffee is ancient and stale.  And it's nowhere near as good as a cup in our old pot made from fresh beans, but yeah.  That was the single best cup of Folger's coffee I've ever had.

I cannot wait to get some fresh beans, now.

As for the device's one of the quickest cups I've ever made, and the cleaning was almost non-existent and done about as fast as it was to make.  There's no big glass pot waiting to be knocked over.  It takes up very little space.  I don't have to worry about someone not cleaning the pot out.  No longer will we have our old, reusable filter sitting and soaking before my mom cleans it, waiting to be knocked over and spilling water everywhere...

This is an improvement on almost every single level I can think of. It's seriously worth looking into, if you love coffee.


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