Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Hallow Victory

What better thing to do on a horror review site, than review a horror movie for Halloween?

Trisk dutifully follows suit with the most aptly named Hallow's Eve!

I absolutely love the setting of this, there are not enough Halloween movies actually set at one of those farms converted to a giant haunted 'house' type attraction for the holiday, and that was super refreshing.

Sadly, the movie comes with some dodgy acting, a squirrely plot, and never quite takes off.  Scream Queen Danielle Harris is far and away the best thing in the movie, and she gives a performance way better than should ever be in a low budget indie slasher.  She needs to be doing more serious roles.

Still, the movie's got its charm, it does have that unique setting, and while the acting is laughable, the plot is actually a lot of fun.  This would make a good addition to a late night Halloween movie marathon.  It's short on chills, but big on fun, if you don't mind the occasional wince.


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