Esme Grey (foenix) wrote,
Esme Grey

Dead and Buried

I'm busy with my yearly tradition of watching The Crow on October 30th, but I did make a new post to Trisk that is relevant to my interests.  The very Crow-like movie, Dead in Tombstone!

What we have here is a western take on this sort of story, starring Danny Trejo and Anthony Michael Hall as half-brothers and the leaders of a gang of thieves, with Trejo getting taken out by Hall and sent to Hell.  The devil, played by Mickey Rourke, makes a deal with Guerrero for 24 hours back on Earth to seek his revenge on his old friends and send their six souls into the pit instead of his own.

It was pretty much a must-see, with the added bonus of my fave, Dina Meyer, and I was pleasantly surprised that the movie didn't disappoint.  It's no "The Crow" but it's also nowhere near as bad as The Crow 2, which is really all I asked for.

Read my review, and watch the movie.  Both are good.


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