Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 119 - Film Crew #4 - The Giant of Marathon

Whelp, I've milked this as long as I can.  Next week I start something all new, if anything at all. ;)

We wrap up with another Steve Reeves movie, but this time he's not playing Hercules, but is isntead playing a guy instrumental in the historical Battle of Marathon.

"This isn't TOO gay, is it?"

As you can imagine, being set in Greece, with a lot of manliness and wrestling, there's a lot of potential for homosexual references.  I think they keep things mostly respectful, and don't make it sound like a BAD thing.  More poking fun at the culture and the preponderance of naked men statues, than anything else.

The freakiest part is all the horses.  Like they say, this is probably not an example of 'no animals were harmed during this movie'.  Yikes, it gets scary at times!

Fortunately, they don't rely on jokes about Greek culture too much, and the movie offers enough other crap to mock, making for a final, good episode.

I dunno what I'm doing next week...

Tags: mst3k

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