Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 118 - Film Crew #3 - Wild Women of Wongo

Well, this was an interesting one.  Mother Nature and Father Time decide to fuck around with the Earth as their petri dish by making one island with hot guys and ugly women, and the other island with ugly guys and hot women!  Wackiness ensues when the two islands meet.

Sadly, there's a really fine line between what these two societies consider attractive.  Thre's a few schlubby guys, but for the most part, the ones who speak, are still attractive on some level.  It kinda undermines the whole idea, IMO.

"I had a nightmare that me and Paul Stanley talked to an alligator..."

How Mike, Bill, and Kevin deal with the constantly annoying parrot, which is a very pathetic attempt at a "Greek chorus" type character, while missing the point of such characters, is easily the best running gag.  Their growing frustration and plotting how best to end the parrot are great.

The hilariously awful "DAAANCE!" routine and me laughing so hard.  In fact, this episode had me laughing more than some MST3Ks.  Definitely good stuff.

Tags: mst3k

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