Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 116 - Film Crew #1 - Hollywood After Dark

Yep, I've got a handful of "Film Crew" discs to watch and drag out the MST3Kness.  What is the Film Crew?  Well, for the people who might not know, and might care (There's probably one of you!), FC was a short-lived project by Mike "Torgo" Nelson, Kevin "Servo" Murphy, and Bill "Crow" Corbett to keep doing MST3K like things in a post-MST3K world.  Shout! Factory put out the four episodes, and I believe this was a trial run for their handling of the MST3K property in general.

The idea was a trio of guys working for some DVD company, I *think* they actually said Shout! Factory, but I'm not sure, tasked with giving every movie a commentary track.  And by "commentary track" it basically equates to MSTing.  The would do an intro where their boss, Bob Honcho, gave their assignment, a 'host segment' midway through the movie, and then a wrap up at the end.  So, very much the Mystery Science formula, but with fewer host segments, which was a bummer.

The other big bummer was no silhouette at the bottom.  I know they didn't have the rights to it so couldn't do their own, but it just felt wrong to have these guys mocking a movie without it.  I actually was half tempted to dig out the silhouette I made of Mike/Joel and the bots back in 1995 that we would slap on the tv just for giggles during regular programming.

Their first movie was "Hollywood After Dark" starring a young Rue McClannahan, and I don't care if I horribly misspelled that.  She's an aspiring actress who has to strip to make ends meet, and is drawn deeper and deeper into that, while another character wanders around and robs people.  As far as plots go, this one borders on the non-existent.

"I *guess* that's sexy.  In an Ed Grimley way."

With so little going on, and stripping/dancing scenes used as padding that would make Lost Continent be embarassed.  It's no wonder that they have a lot to mock.  Long, repetitive stripping, long silent robberies.  No plot to speak of.  The best stuff is when they start slipping into fugue states and reminiscing about the better scenes that were just as crap.

"Oh thank god, a dismal beach."

The mocking is actually rock solid here, and it's not fair to judge it by MST3K standards, but at the same time, that's what this really is.  The format feels 'off' but besides that, it's a good bit of humour, and enjoyable as at least some of the real MST3Ks, if not moreso.

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