Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Oh Lordy

There's one person I have known the longest in my life, that I'm not related to.  I've known her since before I knew how to know people.  She's the daughter of my mom's high school best friend.

Now, we've never been close, but we see each other once a year or so when the families get together.

Mum got a letter today from her friend, directing me to the daughter's website she just started, promoting her new business in town.  It's for something I had never heard of, so I did some quick googling, and remembered I *was* familiar with it.

She is a 'reiki' therapist.

For those of you not familiar with this, it is a supposedly Chinese technique of putting your hands on a person and directing your energy into them as a method of healing.

Or as I call it, 'bullshit'.

Oh MAN, this is not the sort of thing you show a sceptic.  I have been having a field day with this, and I just KNOW the next time we meet, this is not going to be a fun conversational topic!

My favourite part is the testimonials on her website, four of them, two from her parents, and one from her husband.  At least they mention they're married, but the rest don't disclose anything about being family members.

She *fortunately* only says that her technique 'promotes healing' and doesn't make any specific claims.  If she did, like some others I've seen, make any sort of healing claims, with cancer and what not, I WOULD BE SOOOO PISSED.



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