Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 115 - Deadly Mantis

Well, the final rewatch, until more DVDs come out...  I can milk a few more weeks out, you'll see...

But we 'end' rather ignobly with a silly movie about a giant prehistoric mantis being released from the Arctic by a distant volcano.  It then goes on a rampage across Canada and the US and is eventually shot to death.  The plots don't come much more basic than this.

I just love the pointless padding of the radar fence talk and the maps.  It kills so much time just floating around the map, and is ultimately pointles blather.

"I peed your pants.  I'm not sure how."

Still, a pretty solid episode with some good laughs, and host segments.  The start of the "Mike Nelson: Destroyer of Worlds" running gag.  But overall, more of the same from MST3K.

Which is not bad.
Tags: mst3k

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