Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 113 - Valley of the Giants

If it's got giant creatures in it, it must be a Bert I. Gordon film!  And this one kinda culminates his themes as he finally goes for giant humans.

Yeah, that's pretty much the plot there.  Ron Howard makes flubber, finds out it makes creatures grow, some punk kids from out of town roll in, cause trouble, eat the stuff, cause more trouble when they're giants.  I kinda like the sociopolitical commentary here, but...being a Bert I. Gordon film, those ideas never quite take off.  Instead, giant tarantula!

Which is also good...

Being a huge Willow fan, all the Willow bashing makes me sad. =(  But if you're gonna go after a Ron Howard movie, that's probably the way to go.

"Isn't there a movie in here?"  "Ya gotta dig..."

If you've seen this movie, it's probably no surprise that Servo's reaction to the gumball machine as his 'mother' and what she had to do in the early days of film for her roles, is one of the best bits in this episode.  XD

Rivaled only by the poorly micced Sheriff.  Seriously, you would think a theatre would have better acoustics.  You would think he'd be hearable ANYwhere, but no...

A solid episode, as most Gordon films are!
Tags: mst3k

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