Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 112 - Rocketship USA

Ahh, the time they gave Servo a 'haircut'.  This was to lower his head's profile in the theatre, IIRC?  SO weird to see that look on him.  If it was for a smaller silhouette, I understand the reasoning, but am glad they didn't keep it.

Short: Phantom Creeps pt2 - The only good thing here is Bela Lugosi.  Otherwise, it's a lot of people spreading the news of what happened in the first two minutes of the short, but at least there's a silly accent to roll with.

Movie: "Now remember, this is filmed in colour, it's just that everything is grey in Russia."

Ahhh, cold war propaganda movies.  Which lets them do more of Lugosi's accent...

So yeah, cold war.  We've got a movie about the Russians spying on us, maybe with Sputnik, and some Americans cock things up so badly that they make the Russians ticked off enough to nuke us.  It's a cold, harsh, cautionary tale, that is way to dry, confusing, and boring for its own good.  The plot meanders here there and everywhere, it drops plots left and right, and there are LONG scenes of people fiddling with radios.  Oh, and the stupidly long bit in the club where people just sit around and novelty acts prance by.  Yeah, that's how you do a movie.

This is not how you scare people about communism.

Or was that just a red herring?  Sorry, the Clue fan in me couldn't resist.

I love that the Russian missile base is little more than a single 'missile' that looks like a pole in a vaguely clear area of a forest.

Mike as the Russian equivalent of Joel is amusingly prescient...and are his bots the originals from the KTMA days?

"Wow, this is really dull."

And of course, once the missiles get launched, the plot spins its wheels with the attack of the stock footage...

It's amazing how much they get out of people sitting around doing nothing.  And the bitchfest at the end of the movie in the final host segment is great.  I loved when they would break it down like that, with all the flaws, and I think some of that subconsciously was influencing Trisk.

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