Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 111 - The Slime People

Still managing to drag this out with the new set that JUST came out. ;)

Commando Cody Part 6 - "There's nothing like being in a gun fight with 600 pounds of hi-test nitro rocket fuel on your back!"

I got nothin' more to add to the never-ending Codys.

Movie - It's really pretty awkward that they do the exact same "talking into a shaver" joke, twice in the same episode.  And it doesn't sound like an attempt at a running gag, just a legit 'oops' of the same instance happening to do the same joke.

But anyways, this is an odd movie about a group of people who get trapped under a mysterious dome.  And boy, does that sound familiar.  I would give anything for the Stephen King adaptation to reveal that its dome is the cause of slime people.  The movie focuses solely on the people, giving only the barest time for the creatures.  Mostly they're hidden in their own fog.  Partly so they remain threatening, partly to hide the costumes.  But it's little more than a 'bottle episode' plot.

I love that the plot screeches to a halt so they can show what feels like ten minutes worth, but is probably only five, of fake news footage explaining the plot and backstory.

One of the best things happens during a host segment, as the discuss bad movies managing to get made despite logic and quality.  And then poking fun at the entire concept of the show is a fun mirror they turn on themselves.

"I bet it's really action packed under all this fog."

This was a way solid early episode.

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