Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Bison Tennial


Trisk is going to be posting it's 100th review in a couple months.

To celebrate, and *cough* shamelessly drum up interest in the site, I've been posting links to each review, going back to #1, on a daily basis, one a day, counting up to the big triple digit landmark.

I've been doing these as mostly commentaries with my remembrances, thoughts, and reasonings, as appropriate.

It has been a FUN walk down memory lane, and if anyone is interested in taking the journey, the easiest way is to swing through my Tumblr's Triskaidekafiles tag right over here.

Alternately, there's the actual Trisk Tumblr which I don't use, but I *have* been reblogging these to.

Both are fine options, and both probably have one or two I've either forgotten to tag or reblog, but they're mostly all in those links.  Just thought I'd bring it up for anyone interested. =)


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