Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


I was sitting around yesterday morning, just casually watching the Expendables 2 commentary, and for SOME reason, I had a huge pile of ideas and clarifications scamper into my brain for a book I was working on a few years back.  Black River Book 2, if you care.

No real connection to what I was watching, I just kinda drifted there, and had a bunch of things that really crystalised a few things in my head that needed to clear up.  I love those moments that you really do have that lightbulb go BING! over your head.

Cue Jason scrambling around to find his pen and his Black River notebook to scribble this down before it ran out of his brain.  Unlike some OTHER story ideas which I wrote down a few weeks ago and now make ZERO sense, because I was half awake when I wrote it...


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