Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 110 - The Wild World of Batwoman

Short - Cheating - The best part of this short was the host segments it drove, with the unanswered questions, and the story of Crow cheating.  And of course, the SOL crew taking things much farther than the short.  Too far.

Movie - Ahhh, the time they finally stopped giving a shit about the opening credits. ;)  Unsurprisingly, one of Mike's earliest episodes, so he can get away with pushing the boundaries in a scene I'm sure many of us always wanted to see someone do.

"They just put a buncha movies in a blender and hit mix!"

Oi, yes, that sums the plot up nicely.  We have the crimefighter, Batwoman, no relation to that other guy.  She gets sucked into a plot to stop her nemesis Rat Fink from stealing an atomic hearing aid.  Wackiness, pill popping, drugging, and dancing ensues.


Oh...oh MAN I forgot about the terrible, awful, awkward, and extremely offensive racist 'oriental language' bit.  The part of the movie that was SO BAD and SO OFFENSIVE, Mike actually saw the need TO APOLOGISE TO THE VIEWERS.

"Stop pretending there's a plot, don't cheapen yourself further!"

I'm gonna be over here crying at just how BAD this was.  When the bots start asking for quick deaths...  But still, they actually had tons of fun with this, and the weirdness played to their strengths damned near perfectly.

Tags: mst3k

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