Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 107: Manos, the Hands of Fate

What do we have here?  A classic!  Which...honesty time?  I'm not the biggest fan of this episode.  It's amusing, and the movie certainly IS terrible, but I've never felt that the movie is the Worst Thing Ever, nor is this the best ever MST3K episode.  I do wonder if I just got so overhyped by people before seeing the episode that it just doesn't live up to how they painted it in my head.

Short: Hired part 2 - Ahh, a return to the car sales team.  The guy with the cloth on his head kills me every time.

"I'm beginning to sober up, and you're scaring me!"

The bit during the short, when the guy makes the sale, and STILL gets chided for it and told how to sell a car, making the gang shout repeatedly, "But he SOLD the car!!" is...something that has always bugged me in life.  So often I'll do or say something that somehow starts an argument, or seemingly does, and I just stand there telling the person we agree, why are they arguing??

Manos - "So, we're about a half hour into this movie?"  "No...more like a minute."  "Noo..."

So...Manos.  The Hands of Fate.  The, what plot?  It kinda goes off the rails, eh?  At it's core, it's about a family out for a vacation who have to stop at a crappy little spot in the middle of nowhere, meet the caretaker Torgo, and then find out he serves a Satanic master.  Wackiness ensues.

"Every frame of this movie looks like someone's last known photograph!"

Even at it's short length, it's too long.  The long boring opening that Birdemic rivals takes up so much damned time.  There's the random intervals with the kissing couple that don't serve the plot at all.  Women fighting in mud...well, okay, I can see WHY that was there, but it's still padding. ;)

And so much of it is played with a total lack of dialogue.  Which makes sense with how this was shot, and the audio recorded later, but it's a long, quiet, weird movie.

In the host segment, Joel's horrified reactions when they're coming up with better monstrous mutations than Torgo's are AMAZING, though.  The faces he pulled had me cracking up.

And of course, everything with Torgo is GOLD.  His walk, his voice, the music, the endless music...he was a gift from the gods to MST3K.  Not just for this episode, either.  But definitely here.

"DO SOMETHING!"  This is the point when you know the plot has just come completely off the hinges, and is way too padded.  Joel rarely got upset at the movies, IIRC.

And yes, after watching this again, I can see more of why this is classic.  I'd still say there are better episodes out there, Pod People is an easy one to think of, but I've come around a bit more.  Sometimes, you're just too hyped up on something, and sometimes you're just not in the modd.  Today, Manos really clicked.

And confession, I always loved the Master's cloak.
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