Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 105 - Mole People

Ahh, the final disc I have in one of the DVD collections.  I have the movie, and a handful of singles to go through, so we're not quite done yet.  And by the time I get through those, I *should* have Volume 27, but we're drawing to the end of this adventure.

And I'm sure everyone will be most relieved. ;D

We've got a flick here about a bunch of explorers who stumble upon an ancient, lost civilisation buried down DOWN under the ground, and it's actually better than Alien from LA, thankfully.  I don't even think this movie was that terrible, by MST3K standards.  It's coherent, it's got some acting chops scattered in there.  Is it mediocre?  Sure.  Is it predictable?  You betcha.  But hey, for this show, it's at least got it's shit together, okay?

"See their bone-chillingly predictable climb!"

Okay, so there is SOME padding that is frighteningly reminiscent of the rock climbing from Lost Continent.  Which I hope I have right, because the connection between this movie having one of Batman's Alfreds, and that movie having a Joker, amuses me.

But yeah, we have the MST3K perenial favourite, John Agar, along with a few other notable actors, cheesy creatures, some scenery chewing, and great host segments.  I really liked this episode, and it was good to see Crow get back to normal.

"This movie is just ropes and asses!!"

Tags: mst3k

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