Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 104 - Danger!!  Death Ray

It's unsurprising that there was a run of James Bond knockoff movies, and equally unsurprising that the MST3K crew got handed a bunch of them.  But this one, may be the blandest.

A scientist has designed a death ray for peaceful purposes, a line which fuels pretty much half the riffs itself, but surprise!  It gets stolen by some ne'er-do-wells, and that must mean it's time to call in Bart Fargo!!

...And the crowd responded with a giant, "Who?!"  He's our Bond for the movie, and he is more like James Bland.

In fact, bland pretty much describes the entire movie.  It is straight up generic, with cheap effects, the best of which being VERY obviously toy cars that go careening off of roads and into the water.  At least some of the toy boats in Godzilla and Gamera movies look a *little* more real than these pieces of plastic.

"It was an interesting choice not to have any suspense in this movie whatsoever..."

But on the upside, the blandness actually works towards the riffs.  The movie ignores a lot of tropes, which they make fun of.  It has the silly toys, which they make fun of.  And I can't go through this commentary without mentioning the main theme.

Which they make fun of.  A LOT.  It is that weird mix of catchy and annoying, and the movie just keeps using it, as nearly it's sole music cue.  Which prompts the gang to alternate between singing along and loving it, to mocking the lack of it, to anything else they can think of.

Hi, Mike!  How ya doin'?
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