Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 103 - Alien from LA

No one should have to suffer through two movies by Albert Pyun in one week.  Yes, that's right.  Alien in LA was made by the same guy that gave me HP Lovecraft's Cool Air in my earlier review.  Oh, the pain.  On the upside, he's gotten much better, I can confirm that.

Anyways, Alien follows the story of a young girl whose father dies...well, disappears, and when she goes in search of him, she falls into through a hole in the Earth and ends up in Australia.  Er, I mean, Atlantis.  But I didn't know they all speak Australian down there.

Fosters, that's Atlantean for beer.

This flick features the classic classic trope of trying to make KATHY FREAKIN' IRELAND a geeky, unattractive girl.  And the movie barely gets halfway done before she loses the glasses, magically fixes up her hair, and gets hot clothes.  There you go, ladies.  Just visit downtown Atlantis to spruce up your looks.

The only thing the Atlanteans can't fix up is the character's voice which is...tragically high pitched.  I am talking, nails on chalkboard bad.  And poor Kathy.  I don't want to be hard on her.  She's not an actress, especially not at THIS point in her career.  And it shows.  As the gang points out with DULL SURPRISE.

"Acting's easy when you can read your lines!"

Of course, that terrible voice just makes all the jokes ten times funnier, because the gang literally do half the movie's riffs mocking that voice.  And just a half hour in, they can't take it anymore and start yelling at her to shut up.

And you know an episode of MST3K is special when they just devolve into laughter at how bad things are for an entire scene.  It's rare when they just laugh, with no riffs.  And when they do, the movie deserves it.

"Why is it action sequences slow this movie down??"

"I'm Australian, you see!"
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