Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Comics.  Lots of Comics

Three weeks' worth.  I'm not gonna sort through what's what week. ;)

A Plus X #8
Age Of Ultron #9 Regular Carlos Pacheco Cover
All-New X-Men #12 Regular Stuart Immonen Cover
Angel And Faith #22 Variant Rebekah Isaacs Cover
Astro City Vol 3 #1 Cover B Astro City Villains
Avengers Arena #10
Avengers Vol 5 #12 Regular Dustin Weaver Cover
Avengers Vol 5 #13
Avenging Spider-Man #21
Cable And X-Force #9 Regular Salvador Larroca Cover
Dark Avengers #190
Doctor Who Prisoners Of Time #5 Regular Cover
Fairest #16
Fearless Defenders #4AU (Age Of Ultron Tie-In)
Fearless Defenders #5 Regular Mark Brooks Cover
Gambit Vol 5 #13
Green Lantern New Guardians #20 Regular Aaron Kuder Cover (Wrath Of The First Lantern Tie-In)
Green Lantern Vol 5 #20 Regular Doug Mahnke Cover (Wrath Of The First Lantern Tie-In)
Hypernaturals #12
Movement #2 Regular Amanda Conner Cover
New Avengers Vol 3 #6
Red Lanterns #20 Regular Miguel Sepulveda Cover (Wrath Of The First Lantern Tie-In)
Superior Spider-Man #10
Superior Spider-Man #11
Ten Grand #2 Cover B Bill Sienkiewicz
Uncanny Avengers #8AU (Age Of Ultron Tie-In)
Uncanny X-Force Vol 2 #5 Regular Kris Anka Cover
Wolverine And The X-Men #30
X-Factor Vol 3 #257
X-Men Legacy Vol 2 #11
X-Men Vol 4 #1 Regular Olivier Coipel Cover
Young Avengers Vol 2 #5 Regular Jamie McKelvie Cover


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