Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 101 - Revenge of the Creature

Ahhh, the first Scifi era episode.  They came up with a simple, good way to bring the gang back from the edge of the universe with the ending of the Comedy Central era, and even 'explain' Crow's change in voice, also they managed to set up the new excuses for the old experiments well enough.

Considering it doesn't really matter. ;)  They so didn't need to bother with any plotty stuff (Outside of Scifi's demands) but the fact they jumped through those hoops is appreciated.

Did they ever explain who/why/what pulled them back?  I *did* miss a few in the last few years.  But again, ultimately it doesn't matter.  But the question WAS asked.

And did Bobo get dumber as time went on?  He's not, well, SUPER bright here, but he seems to generally understand things, and seems smarter than he was once the trio was formally assembled to torment the gang.

"A parade of tiny, upsetting shorts!"

Revenge of the Creature is the sequel to the classic Universal monster movie, Creature from the Black Lagoon.  And quite honestly, this movie is cheesy.  Obviously.  But SO bad, so not deserving to follow that classic.  If you've seen King Kong, you have seen this movie.  Almost every plot point is repeated, and swap out the Empire State Building for wandering around a town.

It's fun watching them poke fun at the suit, even if it IS great, because it's put in such a silly movie and story, with perennial MST3K fave actor, John Agar hamming it up.

The Scifi Era definitely started strong.

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