Esme Grey (foenix) wrote,
Esme Grey

Promotional Material

I've noticed some patterns to my reviews, and I just want to muse about them for my own self interest.

I don't expect a ton of hits off the street for my big reviews to Trisk.  No one's looking for a review of "Savage Weekend" these days.  (Actually, you'd e surprised, but I digress...)  But I get a fair amount if they have a big star and I tag the promo post on Tumblr.  Most hits there are, I figure, repeat business coming to see my latest flailing.

When I post a more normal review for something like an Iron Man, then hell yes, I get a lot of hits.  Especially if I post it the day of release, or that weekend, but even later I'll get some interest.  Again, natural.  But I don't get a lot of interest from someplace like Twitter.  John Favreau or Shane Black or Marvel aren't gonna waste their time retweeting my link.

But then there's the smaller movies.  When I review stuff like Bad Kids go to Hell?  Cloned?  And I tweet about them?  THOSE guys want the promotion, they LOVE it, even if it's not great.  I've gotten so many retweets from people the *lesser* known movies, even actors! that just are SO glad that word is being spread for their little indie project.

And it is THOSE responses that always seem to make me smile the most, because both of us, them and myself, are so alike, and just want to go, "Someone liked my thing!  Someone noticed me!!" and we share each others stuff.  It's pretty awesome.


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