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MST3K Rewatch Week 99 - Operation Kid Brother

Or as it's actually known in the episode, Operation Double 007.  It's an interesting way to get a movie licensed.  Can't get the actual name of it?  Well, go and license one of the other versions of it!

A hilarious spoof of James Bond movies, that maybe isn't supposed to be a spoof.  I'm not sure if this movie wants to be taken seriously, or is going more for laughs.  Anyways, the movie stars Neil Connery, Sean's actual brother, playing a plastic surgeon with a knack for hypnosis, and a famous brother in the spy business.  When one of his patients gets kidnapped to further the plans of the evil group THANATOS, Neil gets pulled into things because he's the only one who can get into the girl's head to retrieve the secrets everyone wants.

As you can imagine, that's a setup that gives them plenty to work with.  It's just sensible enough to be coherent, but also just weird enough to make for good jokes.  And boy, it does get weird.  And of course, with the usual poor acting from good actors, and strange design choices make for a pretty solid MST3K.

One of the highlights for me comes from the host segments, though.  LOVE Joel aping the evil mastermind's style and making the bots play the part of his sexay minions.  It's just such a hilarious thing to see Joel do.

The best bit in the movie though, is the weeeird heist with the showgirls.  It is just balls out insane to have these girls prancing around the desert in skimpy outfits to steal a nuclear device.  It is so crazy IT JUST MIGHT WORK!!

"Am I tripping, Joel?"  This is the only way to explain this plot, really.


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