Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


Erg, this is a weird one.

New review is up on Trisk, the 1970s slashfest, Killer's Moon.

There's some pretty harsh scenes in here, involving large men trying to rape young women.  I did my best to skirt around the issue, and keep any jokes directly about that content to a minimum, but since this is the movie...well, it's gonna come up.  Some folks might want to pass on this one, in case things are triggery.  I don't blame ya.

I think they handled it well, and didn't revel in how 'kewl' it was, outside of having bad men doing terrible things, which is gonna happen in these sorts of movies.  There's some odd bits of the time it was set in and societal views that are WAY awkward now though.  But then, I'm not the one who has to judge if this uncomfortable for YOU and isn't a movie you want to go near.  *I* liked the movie for what it was, but recognise that this is uncomfortable subject matter.

To say the least.

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