Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 95: Star Force - Fugitive Alien 2

Fugitive Alien?!  "Again??"

There's something meta hilarious about the bots discussing what are puppets and what aren't.  One of the cuter host segments they've done.  Also, gotta love the Fugitive Alien medley.  And the endless versions of the Forklift Song, thanks to the movie endlessly using that cue.

The first appearance of Joel's big head invention exchange, innit?  Almost thought they'd go with it for a whole segment of movie!

"Filmed in Convolution-Vision!"

The plot here is coherent in at least broad strokes.  The crew of the Bacchus 3 try and find a weapon and destroy it before it can be used, and then Ken goes to destroy the evil despotic lord of the Star Wolves and Valnastar.  But because this is trying to conclude the Fugitive Alien story from the series, which is way longer than these two movies could do, it ends up being a mess by all the editing to cram in plot points.

And yet, is STILL padded out with long pointless scenes.

It's a shame that the riffing is almost reduced to two jokes; the endless riffs of the Forklift Song from Tom (With some help) and the endless call of "Again?!" every time someone tells Rocky to do something, from Crow.  Joel was getting it from both sides of the aisle, and part of me wonders if his annoyance was more than just acting.

But if the movie is gonna endlessly serve you a platter, they are damned well going to keep sending it back!  And there's fortunately enough other jokes that this still manages to be filled with laughs and not be one-note.

Sandy Frank, giving us an endless stream of gold.

Tags: mst3k

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