Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 94 - Fugitive Alien

"Sandy Frank presents our own personal nightmare!!"

Yep, *another* Sandy Frank episode.  And another next week!  And even more tv episodes edited into an attempt at a movie!  This time out, in the distant future, Ken is told to shoot another Ken, he won't do it, and is chased down by his superiors for basically going AWOL.  He winds up joining the crew of the Bacchus-3, trying to hide his true heritage, and not get killed by the love of his life, and his best friend's sister.

I get the feeling this would make a LOT more sense in episodic format.  There's actually some underlying coherency and thematic underpinnings I can get behind.  The acting is cheesy, but I blame that as much on the dubbing as anything else.  But there's some classic tropes in there, behing the goofiness of Japanese 1980s tv.

And this being SO very science fictiony, and dealing with familiar tropes, they had so much fun showing their geek cards with references to Doctor Who, Trek, BSG, etc.  Even when the references weren't real, and were just silly throwaways, it was still fun.

Probably the most memorable part of this episode is the Forklift song.  It's a catchy bit of music in the movie, and naturally the guys make it their own.

Sandy Frank delivers up another very mockable episode to the SoL, and this was a great episode, with a ton of riffs.

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