Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Cat Cornered

I realised something...

My cat was...well, she seemed to be constipated yesterday.  Not *immediately* a worry, and she seems fine today, thankfully.

But I do know things like that can get bad quick, especially in an older cat like Lyta.  So I wanted to say something to my parents, just in case things went Horribly Wrong, and didn't get better fast.

But because every time she has gotten even the slightest sniffle for the past five years I get reminded that she's going to die soon, and if we have to take her to the vet we'll just put her down.  And because my dad has been saying since her sister died due to complications from diabetes about eight years ago how he's watching every little sign for the moment he thinks she has diabetes so Lyta can be put down...

Well, they've kinda made me terrified to even report the slightest thing for fear of my cat going to the vet and never coming back, even if it's just a small problem.



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