Esme Grey (foenix) wrote,
Esme Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 91 - The Castle of Fu Manchu

Wheeee, Christopher Lee!

I love the gang defiantly partying in the opening host segments, despite their situation.

They make a lot of jokes about how this movie is incomprehensible, and yes, while the plot is convoluted to the point of stupidity, I don't think it is THAT hard to follow.  I just don't care to do so.  In short though, Fu Manchu has discovered crystals that will turn water into ice instantly, and he is seeking a castle to drop his flavour crystals from, turn all the water to ice, and he needs a professor to do it.  The guy is in poor health, so he kidnaps another doctor to fix him.  All the while his arch nemesis Wayland Smith is chasing him down to stop his latest fiendish plot.

See?  Not that hard.  Just a lotta tracks.  Chuck Austen writes more convoluted harder to follow plots.  And that is saying something, isn't it?

"Did the director take his lessons in walking scenes from Roger Corman?!"

The amazing thing is that amongst all that, the movie manages to be deathly dull.

The real fault of this movie is the filming of it, or the print they had, or whatever the hell went wrong with the timing.  The movie is literally pitch black for lengthy stretches, when you know it shouldn't be.  The colours get downright WEIRD at times, and go back to normal in the next shot.  Lights are on, lights are off...  Ugh.

"This is the first colour movie that needs to be colourised!!"

But on the upside, the movie has so much badness, the guys have a never-ending stream of quips.  And it almost breaks them, too.  I like the contrast of them starting out on such a partying high, and by the end of the movie, the bots are sobbing, whimpering messes.  And this certainly was a movie worthy of doing that to them.

BAD bad bad movie, but it makes for a good episode.

Seriously, I could keep quoting it all day long.
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