Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

2013: A Grey Odyssey

Well, no major surprises today.  Same shit, different year.

On the upside, I stayed up all night last night for the first time in a couple months of slipping back into that old habit.  It felt good.  Although last night also happened to be the same night when I had absolutely nothing to do, so it was long, and boring, and empty.  I watched Looper, and will have thoughts on that later.

I've been managing to get up earlier the past few weeks, which also makes me feel much better.  I was getting real tired of getting up super late, for me, and feeling rushed to do everything.  I've even been managing to catch up on some extra stuff before sitting down to eat breakfawhatever my first meal is.

I'm sure that will change, since the past few weeks have also had most of the news sites being dead with the holidays.  Once they gear back up, that will eat into my first thing outta bed productivity, but still puts me ahead of the game, I guess.

I am THIIIS close to getting back to Hunter's Moon.  I reread the unfinished chapter I left off on, and...realised I have no idea what the next step is to begin the trek to the end of that chapter. ;)  I know HOW it ends, I just need that connective tissue.  So, I'm pondering that, and putting off DVD watchings until I get that going.  Tomorrow?  The next day?  The weekend, at the worst.

Well, enough rambling.  I don't post enough content, and I'm starting to wander towards 'too much' with this post, I'm sure. ;)


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