Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey



Oh, how I love kicking off my Christmas Eve with a power outage.

And then stepping in something unpleasant from the cat, thanks to the dog.  (Long story, do NOT ask.)

Thankfully I washed all that away with the season finale of Burn Notice, even though the ending left me kinda huh?!...

And topped it off by finishing an...entertaining enough little thriller.

So, I guess I'm breaking even?  Oh, but now I get to spend the night with a mix of Simpsons commentaries or staring at the ceiling.  Whee.

I'd been considering finishing up the next Trisk review, or doing a quickie WIW post, and do whichever it was as an early Christmas bonus, but so not in the mood for editing right now.



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