Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Sparks to the Flame

FINALLY got to see Ruby Sparks this week, in part because it never showed in theatres here, and in part because I was too busy writing to watch DVDs this month.

The general plot is about a depressed writer, who one day discovers the amazing redhead he created in his latest attempts has somehow manifested, and she's perfect.

Yeah, how could I *not* need to see this, right?

I straight up love this movie.

It is amazingly well written, the journey that the characters go on is intriguing, and the dialogue is snappy and fun, in an almost Whedony way, but minus the pop culture references littered everywhere.  The chemistry between the two leads is there, since they're a couple in real life.

The movie DOES take a very dark turn at one point that did make it hard for me to really feel for the writer because of his actions, but he does learn from his experience, and becomes a better person.

This movie is about something.  It's about that quest for finding the perfect person, and learning that the perfect person is NOT perfect, and enjoying the flaws we all have and not trying to change people and and and...

SO much love for this movie.  Best thing I've seen in 2012, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  The biggest flaw is that they never really explain what is happening, but it works well as allegory, and I can live with a little bit of unexplained magic.

This is a must see movie, and without a body count, that's high praise from me. ;)

And yeah, this is probably my most incoherent review ever. It is easily a top five movie for me.


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