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MST3K Rewatch Week 74 - Bride of the Monster

Short - Hired! - A Chevy recruitment film, and it makes NO sense at all.  I think I covered this in one of the Shorts collections, but wow.  Lots of silliness to make fun of, and then it just kinda stops.  Yeesh.

But the movie...oh, hello there, Ed Wood.  What a movie to follow up Robot Monster with.  You've got a mad scientist who has discovered he can make killer creatures with radioactivity, and decides he will try the process on a woman to give as a bride to his squid monster.  I think.  Maybe to his oversized, grunty assistant.  I like the touch that he decides she *needs* to be dressed in a wedding gown, despite the strong likelihood she'll be transformed and ruin it.

And oh what fun, Ed Wood, Bela Lugosi, AND Tor Johnson! =D

I love the creative use of stock footage attacking people.  See, Wood used stock footage of animals, then cut to people reacting to things off camera.  Hilariously silly.  And even more silly that when the evil Lugosi is subjected to his own process, they replace him with a taller actor, who is clearly NOT Lugosi.  Oh, and wearing very obvious platform shoes.

And made all the better by random reaction shots of Lugosi's face.  That are just as awkwardly edited in as the stock footage.  Heck, it may as well be!

I seem to recall the movie and/or Lugosi having problems during the filming, and that's why they did what they did with him, but it's still pretty bad.

"Suddenly I feel blurry..."

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