Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 73 - Robot Monster

...Oops.  I totally spaced on posting this last week.  But here it is!  And I should have this week's in a more timely fashion.  Enjoy your double dose of my random ramblings.

An infamous movie, or at least with an infamous monster: Ro-Man.  A man in a gorilla suit wearing a diving helmet.  You've seen it, you know you have.

Two more Commander Cody shorts!  I love that they're all so fed up with the shorts at this point, particularly Tom.

Also of note, this episode has the infamous moment of sneezing Tom!  A moment that happened live, and they just ran with it and kept it.

So...Robot Monster.  A mess of a movie, where an alien comes to Earth, kills everyone except for a half dozen or so random people who just so happen to live two miles from him, and then it all turns out to be nothing more than a dream.  So, so pointless and dumb.

"It's just a V2 rocket."  "He coulda had a V8!"  Gotta love Crow getting hit for bad jokes..

"What's so scary about a monster that looks like a college mascot?"

Tags: mst3k

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