Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


Watching my mom freak the hell out the last week or so over Sandy has been a sight to behold.

I'm not poking a lot of fun, because hurricanes can be serious business, but man.  You'd think the Russians were coming to eat her babies during the Cold War.

Some idjit on the news compared what Sandy could be like, to a really terrible category three hurricane my mom lived through in the 50s.  So, I get where she's coming from.  Likely the comparison was more in line with damages and cost than actual strength.  And the comparison may have been more accurate for where the storm made landfall, but most predictions had the eye of the storm reaching us, if at all, after a LONG trek, on land, over mountains, to reach us.  It was going to be a seriously weakened storm, if still carrying a lot of water over us.

I tried pointing that out, and even that the storm was just a Cat.1, comparatively, and shouldn't even be as bad as Irene was last year.

"Well, you didn't live through hurricane Carol!  That was worse than Irene!"  "...but that's kinda my point?"

I am all for preparedness, but shrieking panic does no one any good. =/


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