Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 67 - The Final Sacrifice

LOVE this episode. =D

Seriously, this is easily in my top five.

Final Sacrifice follows the adventures of young Troy, who lost his dad when he was young.  He runs afoul of some bondage cultists who come looking for a map he found.  Although, how they know he found the map is unclear.  Shortly after being chased by the hooded miscreants, he meets up with another victim of the cult's activities, Zap Rowsdower, a drunken drifter.  They must come together despite their differences, or the cult will make the lost city of the Ziox rise again, and woe to humanity.  Or maybe just Alberta.

"This has the bacony stink of Canada all over it."

You can just tell this is a student film that somehow got a wide release.  Or wide for this sort of thing.  It is so bad, so cheaply made.  There's nothing good here.  Watching this movie you just kinda sare in wide-eyed wonder.

The riffs come fast and plentiful.  Canadian riffs, riffs on the bad hair, the bad fashion, undending Larry Czonkas jokes,  how everyone EVERYONE is a loser...  Especially the villains.  And let's not forget the unending, looping music that is yet so damned catchy, they can't stop humming it, even when there is no music.

And we can't forget the villainous leader, Canadian villain, Garth Vader! XD  The horribly dubbed voice...oh gods.  Just everything about this movie makes me laugh.  And that's before the riffs.

To top it off, this episode has one of my favourite host segments, when Tom Servo shows up in a tiny Mountie uniform...  I LOVE THE CANADA SONG.

As usually happens, Tom has good intentions, that go horribly awry, very quickly.  Because his friends are jerks. ;)

Final Sacrifice does for Canada what Time Chasers did for Vermont.

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