Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 65 - The Crawling Eye

The very 'first' MST3K!  Well, after the pilot season on KTMA.

For their 'first' episode, this is pretty good.  Has a few too many pauses here and there, but the jokes are mostly solid, the host segments aren't terrible.  It's an average, solid start.

The plot revolves around some eyeball creatures from space that landed on the largest, sharpest, pointiest object on our planet that isn't man made, and end up wanting to kill people for no particular reason.  And they're connected to a poor psychic girl.  Seriously, what if the eyeballs only wanted love and hugs?

There's a bit at the start of the movie, poking fun at the credits using arrows, and Crow asking how you read opening credits.  That's actually kinda clever to use in the first episde!

A favourite bit of mine was when Psychic girl is showing her abilities off, and Joel is 'helping' her via coughs.

"Man, what a staircase!"

I appreciate them holding off on all the eye puns until the last act.  Because they kinda needed to be done.  But waiting and giving them as a condensed dose was good, made them not spread out, and just gave them more punch.

A good way to start a show. =)

Tags: mst3k

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