Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 64 - Night of the Blood Beast

...Oops, forgot to post this yesterday.

The opening host segment with Dr. F and Crow's trombone war is one of those bits that always amuse me, since it boils down to the same actor basically fighting against himelf!

Short - Once upon a Honeymoon - I found myself chuckling a LOT during this short.  It was just so silly, random, and quirky.  And the guys did some great things with it.  I presume this was some advertisement type thing for SOME company, but the guys seemed just as baffled as I did on that point.

The best must have been the housewife making such lame wishes like a fridge with a door that will stay shut.

"This would be a good companion film with Eraserhead."

Main Feature - Blood Beast is about a guy launched into space, and then he brings an alien creature back to Earth with him.  It terrorises the town, kills a few people, and impregnates our lead.  ...Wait, isn't that the fucking plot to Species 2?!

"This has been thoroughly Cormanized!"  Such an appropriate line.  Corman's movies are always so noticeable.  The sets are pretty stark and *clearly* sets.  There is occasional action punctuated with LONG scenes of dialogue to mark time.  A fact pointed out by the bots when the movie wanders back to the same set for another long discussion.

I love how much they made fun of the lamest NASA ever.  If the real NASA operated with this one's budget, we'd never have made it to Houston, let alone the moon.

And the running joke of the name confusion with everyone seemingly called Steve.  But Steve's name is Johnny!

The absolute best part though, was ALL the parrot noises they kept making once we saw the Blood Beast, and he started talking.  I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING.  Oh it hurt.

And ewwww, it ends with an anti-nuke moral.  *shudder*

"Well, I don't see the Blood Beast, but I see the Beast of Yucca Flats!"
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