Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 63 - Santa Claus

Santa Claus returns to MST3K, but this time without the Martians.  But he does bring along Satan, of all people.  I never thought I'd see a fight between Satan and Santa, but there it is...

Some highlights: The Aztec Mummy callback made me smile.  Especially since it was on the same set as this one.  I admit it, I giggled when they called out Puppet Master 3.  And Trilogy of Terror.

That opening sequence with the parade of worlds...boy, was that awkward.  And I don't think Tom was helping any.  At least Crow tries to salvage it with his slam against the USA. ;)

And speaking of weird, Santa's collection of spying gadgets were just...yeah.  Half this movie was, as they even refer to it, nightmare fuel.

"A pentagram and reindeer laughing?  You figure it out folks."

"Does the devil lose its flavour on the bedpost over night?"
Tags: mst3k

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