Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 62 - Warrior of the Lost World

Ahh, the subgenre of movies known as the Italian ripoff/homage.  Such a wonderful little group of movies.  And this Mad Max riff very strange.  The apocalypse has come and gone, everything takes place in an abandoned brewery, and the tech is...absurd in its mundanity.  Everything is the same, except there are spikes on them.  And the motorcycles talk to you.

One of my favourite things about this movie is the sound.  Everything makes a loud noise.  Even kicking the air makes a thump.  Years before Hercules and Xena perfected the technique, Warrior of the Lost World started the tradition of 'kung foley'.

Megaweapon!  Such a strange name for a truck that spits fire.  Someone just wasn't trying very hard.  Still, it was cool.  Until it blew up.

I love when Megaweapon crushes the Rider's annoying as hell talking bike, the gang takes such pure joy in it.  Because I sure did.

The movie is, for what it is, made well enough, and there's actually some creative directing and photography...but somehow whenever it actually gets creative, it also gets extremely nauseating.  How do you pull that one off?

"This is weird..."  That is one way to describe the movie, that's for sure...

Tags: mst3k

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